It’s Getting Toastie in Here

In Scotland, you will see the word “toastie” as an option for your sandwich.  What this means is that it will be toasted, or griddled like a grilled cheese.  At St Andrews Brewing Company, I ordered their cheese toastie alongside a mug of their tomato basil soup, and it felt like a taste from home.  The soup was really thick and creamy, and the grilled cheese reminded me of my mum, who would make that for the four of us kids growing up.  Dipping the toastie in the soup was definitely the way to go.img_5769

I really liked the vibes of the Brewing Company.  Their menu is stacked with stick to your rib favourites like mac and cheese, burgers, and nachos.  The bar is the central focus of the restaurant where you can order their homemade beer.  The dark wood and slightly narrow layout makes it feel really cozy and intimate, especially as more people saunter in throughout the night.

Definitely give it a go! And check out their merchandise and beer bottles as well.  Their logo is a really cool design.


The Big Three: Allston Edition

How is it that one street in Allston can have three of my favorite finds?  Sheer wonderful goodness I guess.  Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Whole Heart Provisions, and FoMu are lined up perfectly next to each other, making it very easy to have a food fest choosing items from all three.  I’m going to give you the lay down of what to order at each place.


I’ve already written about Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, but will reiterate the general themes I touched on before.  The french fries are a definite order here.  Crispy on the outside, with a  light and fluffy inside you MUST order these.  You can have them truffled up or even make them poutine style, which adds on a slathering of gravy and cheese curds.  Lastly, since you are going out, don’t just order their classic grilled cheese sandwich, which I am sure is amazing, but order something a little more out there.  AKA their Allston.  When in Rome, right?  It is composed of the sweetest gooiest fig jam, tangy herbed goat cheese, decadent caramelized onions, and fresh arugula.


Next door, Whole Heart Provisions appears to be only for vegan connoisseurs, but trust me it is not for the faint of heart.  Load up your salad with added falafel, avocado, or miso BBQ tofu, and you will walk away feeling full and nourished.  I always order the Viet because of the wonderful peanut dressing and crumble on top, but any of the salad combinations look divine.  Grab a side of the Crispy Old Bay Brussels which will leave your senses feeling fired from the Old Bay seasoning, lemon, and spicy crema.


Lastly, need to cool down your mouth after the fiery brussel sprouts?  Never fear, this is when you MUST head over to FoMu.  Another vegan find, FoMu makes their ice cream from coconut or nut based milk.  Genius I know.  I am in love with all of their peanut ice cream, AKA the peanut addiction again, whether they add in fudge swirls, chips, or brownie pieces.  But, my favorite desserts are actually their baked goods.  Grab one of their humungous nutter butters and/or 7 layer bars and you will be blissfully content for the rest of the day!

Make sure to check out all of these wonderful finds, and if you are coming from BC, simply get off the B Line at Allston St. then walk around 10 minutes to heaven.


Roxy’s Grilled Cheese

What started out as an esteemed food truck in 2011, now has several “brick and mortar” locations around the greater Boston area, including in Allston, just a few minutes from the Green B line.  Roxy’s does not just slap together American cheese between two slices of Wonder Bread, but takes it to the extreme, with delicious add ins, such as avocado, fig spread, and caramelized onions.


Walking in, you are greeted with solid wooden tables and metal chairs, creating a tough guy feel, but the amazing sandwiches will surely make your heart melt.  I ordered the Allston which had herbed goat cheese, fig jam, caramelized onions, and arugula.  Biting into the sandwich instantly sent the cheese oozing outwards and fig jam started running down my fingers. FYI make sure you have many napkins within reach before digging in! The tangy goat cheese was a perfect compliment to the very sweet fig jam that almost tasted like a glaze. The bread was buttered and perfectly toasted, providing a nice texture element to the otherwise soft interior.  My lovely companion ordered a side of hand cut truffle fries which were very addictive, as she let me share.  Roxy’s also offers poutine, which is french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds, and I have to try that next time!  Roxy’s is located next door to two of my other favorite hang outs… Whole Hearted Provisions and FoMu.