Ice, Ice, Baby

As the first week of class winds down to a close, I am getting into the swing of things, both literally and figuratively… I joined the Womens Golf Club and will have lessons once a week.  And I tried swing dancing for the first time! It was so much fun and I am definitely going to go back.

Through these and other clubs/ societies I have been meeting a ton of different people, and I am so excited to keep up this routine.


One of my friends had a birthday this week, so we celebrated with a pizza picnic on one of the beaches (pictured above), and then went to Jannetas Gelateria. St Andrews has two well known gelato stores that are supposedly in a heated competition to claim they are the best.  I’ve only tried Jannetas, but will keep you posted.


I ordered Tablet, which is the fudge popular in Scotland, similar to penuche back at home. It was loaded with chucks of fudge and is one of my new favourite ice cream flavours!  Also, definitely try one of their sprinkled cones.  It just makes your ice cream all the more beautiful.

Honestly this ice cream was so good I am going back this weekend to get another scoop.


She’s My Little Whiskey Girl

One of my friends here knew someone who had studied abroad in Edinburgh the year before, so we were blessed with many hidden gems.  One of my favorites was Hoot the Redeemer.  A very eclectic bar, the outside is only one single red door, that leads down to its basement location.  Once you get to the bottom of the stairs, a fortune teller doll is on the outside of that door, demanding passage.  The fortune teller lights up and screams, and you then are supposed to push through to get to the bar!


The menu is made up of your standard drinks, but also has alcoholic slushies, and ice cream!  I of course had to try the ice cream.  I ordered the whisky and dark chocolate flavor, and it was amazing.  The creaminess and sweetness of the dark chocolate, offset the kick of the whiskey.  When I first took a bite it tasted like dark chocolate, but I then got a warm feeling on my tongue from the whisky.


Hoot the Redeemer has a great fun atmosphere, and is definitely not a tourist trap.  I would visit it again should I return to Edinburgh this semester.

Fun fact: They do not call whisky scotch over here.  We only call it scotch back in the US because it is whisky made from Scotland.  Also, to tell the difference between Scottish and Irish whisky, Scottish whisky has no “e” in the spelling, while Irish has an “e”, whiskey.


Imma Make You Scream: Ice Cream Edition

Over the course of the summer I managed to eat a plethora of delicious treats, and this post will give you the break down.

Frozen Hoagies


What started out as a food truck now has a brick and mortar location in Somerville, MA.  Frozen Hoagies offers many different ice cream and cookie combos.  I decided on the “The Hoagie” size, which equals two cookies and two scoops of ice cream.  I ordered the peanut butter cup cookies with cow tracks ice cream (vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl and peanut butter cups aka moose tracks) and of course… sprinkles.  It was MASSIVE.  The cookies were a little dry and cakey, but according to my little brother I like my cookies to be barely cooked, so that’s up for you to decide.  It was a really cute place and had indoor seating that my cousin and I took advantage of.

Scoop N Scootery


If this is not the cutest sundae you have ever seen, then props to you.  My sister and I decided to try out Scoop N Scootery in Arlington after plans fell through.  Scoop N Scootery offers walk in store hours 3-7PM from Tuesday to Sunday.  But their delivery and pick up hours are 3PM-2 AM from Tuesday to Sunday.  We ordered pickup by going online and typing out our order on the website.  We then got a confirmation email with an estimated time of completion.

I ordered the Peanut Butter Bomb which had peanut butter cup ice cream, chopped Reeses, chocolate syrup, a peanut butter shell, and then I added whipped cream and Kit Kats.  The peanut butter shell was AMAZING.  It did not harden completely like a normal chocolate shell does, but it was creamy and rich.  The whipped cream was not your average Cool Whip and was perfectly light and airy.

Goose Rocks Dairy


The Goose Rocks Dairy is my old stomping ground, and where I worked for five summers of my life.  I tell everyone that it was the best job I will ever have.  Although I have sampled every flavor, this time I ordered the Campfire Smores; toasted marshmallow ice cream with a graham cracker swirl, and chocolate chunks.  This is one of the dairy’s richest and sweetest ice creams.  My other favorite is Moose Tracks; vanilla ice cream with a fudge swirl and peanut butter cups.  I ordered the kiddie size in a waffle cone… Be warned our serving size is larger than most!



A traditional favorite, Cabot’s has been serving Newton-ites since 1969.  They serve all meals of the day, but dessert is what you should go for.  This is their “Hey you got chocolate on my peanut butter!” sundae.  Moose tracks ice cream with peanut butter sauce, peanut butter cups, and whipped cream. (If you haven’t noticed, I love chocolate and peanut butter).  Cabot’s not only serves up delicious and beautiful sundaes, but you feel like you are whisked away to another era.  It’s an old school sundae parlor that is the perfect place for a celebration or just another hot summer day.



Toscanini’s is a well known ice cream shop located in Cambridge, and its cousin is Rancatore’s.  One fateful night I walked in to discover they had FLUFF ice cream.

When I was little, I was addicted to fluff… I might still be addicted.  I would make the classic fluffernutter to bring to school (bread, peanut butter, and Fluff), put Fluff on ritz crackers as a snack, and put it in my hot chocolate instead of marshmallows (it’s a game changer try it).

This ice cream tasted exactly like Fluff and had the typically sweet gooey marshmallow flavor and texture.  Since it was so Fluff-y, when I ordered it a cone, the ice cream proceeded to dangerously slide off, so I quickly threw it in a cup to save it.  I hope they make this a standard flavor because it was so amazing.  The only thing that could have made it better was peanut butter, to make a fluffernutter sundae!



The Big Three: Allston Edition

How is it that one street in Allston can have three of my favorite finds?  Sheer wonderful goodness I guess.  Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, Whole Heart Provisions, and FoMu are lined up perfectly next to each other, making it very easy to have a food fest choosing items from all three.  I’m going to give you the lay down of what to order at each place.


I’ve already written about Roxy’s Grilled Cheese, but will reiterate the general themes I touched on before.  The french fries are a definite order here.  Crispy on the outside, with a  light and fluffy inside you MUST order these.  You can have them truffled up or even make them poutine style, which adds on a slathering of gravy and cheese curds.  Lastly, since you are going out, don’t just order their classic grilled cheese sandwich, which I am sure is amazing, but order something a little more out there.  AKA their Allston.  When in Rome, right?  It is composed of the sweetest gooiest fig jam, tangy herbed goat cheese, decadent caramelized onions, and fresh arugula.


Next door, Whole Heart Provisions appears to be only for vegan connoisseurs, but trust me it is not for the faint of heart.  Load up your salad with added falafel, avocado, or miso BBQ tofu, and you will walk away feeling full and nourished.  I always order the Viet because of the wonderful peanut dressing and crumble on top, but any of the salad combinations look divine.  Grab a side of the Crispy Old Bay Brussels which will leave your senses feeling fired from the Old Bay seasoning, lemon, and spicy crema.


Lastly, need to cool down your mouth after the fiery brussel sprouts?  Never fear, this is when you MUST head over to FoMu.  Another vegan find, FoMu makes their ice cream from coconut or nut based milk.  Genius I know.  I am in love with all of their peanut ice cream, AKA the peanut addiction again, whether they add in fudge swirls, chips, or brownie pieces.  But, my favorite desserts are actually their baked goods.  Grab one of their humungous nutter butters and/or 7 layer bars and you will be blissfully content for the rest of the day!

Make sure to check out all of these wonderful finds, and if you are coming from BC, simply get off the B Line at Allston St. then walk around 10 minutes to heaven.


Banana Honey Peanut Butter Ice Cream

I am pleasantly surprised and obsessed over this healthy ice cream recipe made mostly from BANANAS.  When you freeze and then blend bananas, they form a really creamy consistency that mimics ice cream.  Add in peanut butter for some flavor and added decadence and almond milk for a smooth texture.  Simple as that!  I froze the bananas then blended them, then immediately ate the ice cream.  However, after blending, you can put the ice cream back in the freezer to make it a firmer consistency.  As opposed to the soft serve consistency I had… I just was not patient enough to wait!

Banana Honey Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Banana Honey Peanut Butter Ice Cream

Banana Honey Peanut Butter Ice Cream (for one)

2 bananas

1 tablespoon peanut butter

1 tablespoon honey

2 tablespoons almond milk

Cut the banana into slices and place in a plastic bag.  Freeze for 3 or more hours, until it is completely frozen.

Place the bananas in a food processor or blender.  Add the peanut butter, honey, and almond milk.  Blend until smooth.  Enjoy!


Emack & Bolio’s

I need to add some adventure to my life.  I tend to form mundane habits, and this is especially relevant to my eating styles.  Once I try something, I stick with it because I know what I am going to get.  This takes form in many ways.  Like my daily scrambled egg breakfast.  And in this case, ordering a sprinkled waffle cone with more sprinkles on top of my ice cream… I know… third time is the charm.

photo 9

Hopefully the next time I present you with ice cream it will be in a bowl with hot fudge or anything other than sprinkles.  GASP.  But, back to what we have at hand.  A couple of weekends ago, I went to see American Sniper, which was AMAZING.  And before I went, I stopped by Emack & Bolio’s at their Fenway location.  Situated right across the street from the movie theater it has a prime location, but it is too small to mingle inside.  I ordered a medium waffle cone with Twisted Dee-Light, which is a chocolate based ice cream with brownies and fudge chunks scattered throughout.  It was really creamy and had a strong cocoa flavor and the add-ins were delicious.  However, Emack & Bolio’s is pricier than your standard creamery and the portions may be smaller as well.  They are known for providing good quality and funky flavors and cool waffle cones, which can’t be found elsewhere.  The vibe inside the shop is similar to Ben & Jerry’s with its quirky decor and whimsical flavor names.  On the walls were all of the awards they have won since the store debuted in Brookline/ Boston in the late 70s.  If you go to Emack & Bolio’s try one of their unique waffle cones topped with oreos or rice krispies and a cool flavor because that is what they are known for.  If you just want a simple cone, go elsewhere, so you don’t bust your wallet.

JP Licks

I finally tried JP Licks after hearing rave reviews and I am so happy that I did!  Located in Newton Center, it is a small shop right by Johnny’s.  JP Licks prides themselves with their homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt, and they have 13 locations in the Greater Boston Area.  Not only do they have a great ice cream selection, but they also offer ice cream cookie sandwiches, sundaes, and ice cream cakes.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I settled on a medium sized cone of the seasonal flavor, salted caramel, on another rainbow sprinkled cone with sprinkles on top.  If you couldn’t tell, I love rainbow sprinkles.  They just make everything look prettier!  The ice cream was amazing and filled with swirls of rich salted caramel.  The flavor was really strong and exactly what I was looking for.  Next time I am definitely going to try the peanut butter oreo which sounded right up my alley.  Maybe Ill add some of their homemade hot fudge on top!

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See that salted caramel dripping below?  That is when you know you have some amazing ice cream.

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Ben and Jerry’s

I know Ben and Jerry’s is widely known for their hip ice cream flavors so forgive me if this is a cop-out post.  However, I am commenting on a new flavor, Hazed and Confused, if that helps me in any way.  What started out as a cold winter night walking along Newbury St., attempting to get away from finals, turned into an even colder night after I devoured a very large ice cream cone.  (Pardon my non model-esque hand.  I was not prepared for a photo-shoot!)

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Hazed and Confused is one of Ben and Jerry’s new “Core” ice creams in which two bases are fused together with a molten core.  In this particular instance, chocolate chocolate chip and hazelnut ice cream are swirled together with chocolate hazelnut fudge.  Can anyone say Nutella?  I proceeded to order two scoops of this on a beautiful rainbow sprinkled cone and added on more rainbow sprinkles for a final festive touch.  The price tag reached a hefty sum of $7… But I think I just got too carried away!  The ice cream was delicious and the hazelnut base balanced the rich chocolate notes nicely.  I expected the chocolate hazelnut core to be synonymous to Nutella, however, it was thicker and fudgier than expected.  Almost like a hybrid between Nutella and brownie batter.  The Newbury St. shop itself is quite quaint, tucked away under other shops and eateries, and filled with the traditional artsy Ben and Jerry’s decor.  Well played yet again Ben and Jerry.

photo 1



White Mountain Creamery

Across from the beautiful Boston College Campus lies a small ice cream store, White Mountain Creamery.  Open until 12 AM it serves as a late night eatery for many college students, myself included.  They make their ice cream in house and the owner has a wonderful presence by cheerfully greeting his customers.  Every day they have a list of traditional flavors and then a list of specials.  As a regular, I have to suggest the hot fudge.  White Mountain’s does not congeal when it hits the cold ice cream.  Instead it maintains a smooth consistency and it is amazing!!!


Yesterday I decided to treat myself and ordered a small sundae.  Pumpkin ice cream topped with hot fudge, peanut butter topping (which was delicious as well), and peanut butter cups.  Don’t question the combination it works.  The pumpkin is a seasonal flavor so make sure to try it soon!  The peanut butter topping was not cloyingly thick and was not too sweet either, so it worked well with the hot fudge.  And alas, the peanut butter cups.  White Mountain cuts Reese’s into quarters providing massive pieces for the biggest chocolate peanut butter fans; I’m included in this round up of course!  This all came to a grand total of $6.30 BUT it was worth it and if you don’t go as crazy as me your ice cream will cost much less.  Definitely head over to White Mountain, no matter if it is cold outside, the hot fudge and peanut butter will warm you up.

Rococo Artisan Ice Cream

Last weekend I read an article that dubbed Rococo Artisan Ice Cream sixth in the United States and decided I had to try it out for myself.  Rococo is located in Kennebunkport, right next to Wicked Tails, and is in a small space with a couple of benches out front.  When I walked in the workers were all smiles and friendly offered up tastes of the ice creams.

photo-72 copy 3


photo-72 copy 2


The glass cases present the ice cream almost as if they were gelato, and the flavors strayed far from the traditional chocolate and vanilla.  After much debate, I selected the salty sweet creme and nutella cranberry.  My sister went with the horchata rum cake and dark chocolate.  The ice cream was so smooth and creamy, and when it melted the consistency was just like soft serve.  My favorite flavors were the salty sweet cream, which almost had a salted caramel flavor, and the rum cake, although next time I am going to have to try the whoopie pie!   The average price of a cone is around five dollars, but the quality of the ice cream speaks for itself.  If you find yourself in an ice cream rut and want to expand your dessert palate definitely head over to Rococo.  I’d suggest going earlier rather than later because it is such a small building, enjoy!

UPDATE: I tried the Maine Whoopie Pie flavor… and it was amazing!!! The best scoop of ice cream I have had in a long time.