My New Reali-TEA

I started drinking coffee at the young age of 16 and continued having it every day since.  My mum had always been a fierce coffee addict, I mean drinker, and it seemed like a right of passage.  Dunkin’ Donuts is the famed chain up north, where only the best people get their coffee.  I would drink it black or add a dash of milk if I wanted to treat myself.  However, since arriving to Scotland, I have betrayed Boston and switched over to drinking tea!  Breakfast tea is a must in the morning since it has the most caffeine, but throughout the day I’ll love having green tea, herbal fruit tea, etc.  The list is endless.  My favourite one that I have tried so far was a black tea with chocolate in it.  It was so warm and comforting!


This cute little tea shop, Hettie’s Teas, is located in Pitlochry.  Pitlochry became a spa and tourist destination after Queen Victoria declared the waters surrounding the town had medicinal qualities.  The tea arrived in a pot with a timer to let you know when it was drinkable.  I also ordered a smoked salmon sandwich alongside it.  In Scotland, butter is used as a sandwich spread instead of mayo, and it actually tastes really good!



Before lunch, I had visited the beautiful Black Linn Falls at the Hermitage, Dunkeld.  This was one of my weekend trips up into Northern Scotland.  It seems like wherever I go, I am constantly greeted with different, yet still beautiful scenery.




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