Eat, Sarah, Eat

Exactly a week from today my plane takes off from the lovely city of Edinburgh and I will fly back across the pond to my awaiting family.  At breakfast this morning, my friend and I were reminiscing on how quickly the time in Scotland has flown by, and how grateful we have been for this wonderful experience.  Per usual, I started thinking about my travels based on my food adventures, so here is a list of the top things I ate while abroad.

Cheese and bread at IJ Mellis 


Wine and cheese nights become a special dinner that my friends and I rallied behind.  We all would pitch in to create a beautiful spread.  Then would spend hours appreciating the food, wine, and good conversation.  We are having our last wine and cheese night today!

Tofu Teriyaki at Henderson’s Vegan Restaurant 


Scotland might not have its fair share of health food, but I was able to find Henderson’s Restaurants in Edinburgh. Their fresh and nutritious food gave me a detox I needed a couple of times in the semester.

Danishes at Vedels Konditori 


Honestly, I think the picture alone does this pastry justice.  If I could spend every breakfast eating this danish and latte I would.

Prince of Cambridge Scone at Gorgeous 


There was nothing better than getting an afternoon tea and scone in between classes this semester.  Clotted cream was a game changer; a mix between butter and whipped cream to put on your scone alongside jam of course.

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict at Patisserie Valerie


Scotland’s smoked salmon demand is expected to drop very low after my departure.  I could not get enough of it! This was the best brunch meal I had.  Brioche bread topped with plenty of salmon, poached eggs, and ladled with hollandaise.

Biscoff (Cookie Butter) Tray Bake and Raspberry and Nutella Cake at Mimi’s Bakehouse 



My sweet tooth was definitely satisfied abroad from all of the fabulous Scottish bakeries.  “Let them eat cake with a cup of tea” is my new mantra.



Sharing is Caring

Throughout my days at St Andrews, there are certain moments when I realise my contentedness.  It hits me when I am walking back from a Hillwalking (Hiking) Pub Night. Or when I am sitting in a cafe alone eating a scone and drinking tea.  Or especially, when I am sharing a meal with friends.


Last Wednesday, a few friends and I had a wine and cheese night.  We got cheese and bread from a local store I J Mellis, and spent hours eating bread, cheese, butter, and drinking wine.  We had brie, blue, and cheddar cheeses.  And a bread with cheese and leeks, a cornbread of some type, and a sourdough.  The combination of everything was heavenly.

Two of the friends are German post grads that I met on a food tour of St Andrews.  The other two are also undergrad study abroad students.  We talked about the politics of both of our nations, the aura or tragedy surrounding the famous Kennedy’s, what parties look like in both countries, etc. etc.

Walking away from that night I realised how wonderful it is to be at an international university where I can learn about so many different spheres in the world.  Not only can I offer up my own perspective, but being able to see the similarities and differences among others,  then gives me a chance to reflect on my own.

These moments where I can share bread with people I never would have met back at home, are ones that I hold close to my heart, and are what shape my St Andrews experience.  I wanted to study abroad to grow, step outside of my comfort zone, and LEARN.  And what better way to do it then over bread and cheese? 🙂

A Smokeshow Dinner

Another food that Scotland is known for is their smoked salmon.  I am a huge fan of seafood so I know that I will be taking advantage of this local delicacy.  A couple of nights ago, I went to Mitchell’s Deli in St Andrews, where I tried it for the first time.IMG_5444.JPG

I ordered the Surf Board to share with a friend, which was made up of hot and cold smoked salmon, peppered mackerel, smoked halibut, garlic mayo, and bread.  This board was phenomenal.  The cold smoked salmon was my favorite.  Put the garlic mayo on a slice of bread, topped with the salmon, and you will be in heaven!  The mackerel and halibut were also good, just not something I am used to eating.

Also, as a fun fact, yesterday I saw Mark Wahlberg! I was heading towards the West Sands Beach, which is near the 18th hole.  Suddenly a car slowly drove by, with Wahlberg in the passenger seat with the window down.  I let out a gasp and he saw my happy face.  He waved, knowing that I was a fan!  I will keep you updated on any more famous people sightings in St Andrews since the golf course attracts people from around the world.