1,2,3 Like a Bird I Eat: Health Edition


Recently I’ve been thinking about how so many people claim to not count calories, but in fact, still have distorted views of food and themselves.  Sometimes even making an off handed comment such as, “I don’t even care that this ice cream probably has so many calories!”clues into the fact that yes, they do care because they are bringing light to the fact they are eating it versus never discussing the unhealthiness at all.

Without sounding preachy, I’ll first handily admit to being a perpetrator, and am part of the group that adds to this paradoxically unhealthy mantra.

This ideology fosters a lot off of the environment you put yourself in, which then can act as a snowball effect when you fall victim to worsening thoughts.  Similar to the idea that you want to surround yourself with positive people, so you will then have positive thoughts, surrounding yourself with people who have healthy relationships with their bodies will influence you to do the same.  Sadly, this works conversely as well, so if the majority of your friends limit and restrict themselves, this becomes the norm, and you follow in suit.  Especially in high school and college, when you are constantly surrounded by peers, I think this cycle is very prone to happen.  Friends feed off of each other (no pun intended), so pay attention to the comments at and beyond the table.

Lastly after reflecting from my own experiences, I realized how grateful I am for those friends that will always revel in a late night ice cream adventure, but at the same time, know the importance of nourishment and taking care of their health.

I am grateful for my parents who love me unconditionally and teach me everyday how important it is to love myself in order to truly those around me.

I am grateful for conversations about food that educate and celebrate, rather than vilify.

I will be more aware of my thoughts and ask if I would want my little cousins to hear what I am saying before I speak.  I do not want them to grow up eating like birds.  I want them to grow up eating like strong healthy girls.

I will be more aware of the people I surround myself with, and will feed them positive thoughts, if they do not have any for themselves.

I challenge you to do the same. 🙂