Eat, Sarah, Eat

Exactly a week from today my plane takes off from the lovely city of Edinburgh and I will fly back across the pond to my awaiting family.  At breakfast this morning, my friend and I were reminiscing on how quickly the time in Scotland has flown by, and how grateful we have been for this wonderful experience.  Per usual, I started thinking about my travels based on my food adventures, so here is a list of the top things I ate while abroad.

Cheese and bread at IJ Mellis 


Wine and cheese nights become a special dinner that my friends and I rallied behind.  We all would pitch in to create a beautiful spread.  Then would spend hours appreciating the food, wine, and good conversation.  We are having our last wine and cheese night today!

Tofu Teriyaki at Henderson’s Vegan Restaurant 


Scotland might not have its fair share of health food, but I was able to find Henderson’s Restaurants in Edinburgh. Their fresh and nutritious food gave me a detox I needed a couple of times in the semester.

Danishes at Vedels Konditori 


Honestly, I think the picture alone does this pastry justice.  If I could spend every breakfast eating this danish and latte I would.

Prince of Cambridge Scone at Gorgeous 


There was nothing better than getting an afternoon tea and scone in between classes this semester.  Clotted cream was a game changer; a mix between butter and whipped cream to put on your scone alongside jam of course.

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict at Patisserie Valerie


Scotland’s smoked salmon demand is expected to drop very low after my departure.  I could not get enough of it! This was the best brunch meal I had.  Brioche bread topped with plenty of salmon, poached eggs, and ladled with hollandaise.

Biscoff (Cookie Butter) Tray Bake and Raspberry and Nutella Cake at Mimi’s Bakehouse 



My sweet tooth was definitely satisfied abroad from all of the fabulous Scottish bakeries.  “Let them eat cake with a cup of tea” is my new mantra.



Feeling Stuffed… in a Good Way

Last week was Thanksgiving and that was the first time that I have felt homesick abroad.  The day started out like every normal Thursday, but pretty soon I was bombarded with Thanksgiving texts, snapchats, and social media posts, reminding me how far away I was from the long table in Maine that fit my family.


Luckily, my friends and I had already planned a Friendsgiving.  One of our British friends wanted to host an American Thanksgiving, and he cooked us a wonderful meal.  We all pitched in and brought miscellaneous items, and had a wonderful night filled with many laughs.

It got me thinking about how grateful I am to have been given such a wonderful semester away from home.  I have been so HAPPY for the past few months.  I will never forget St Andrews or Scotland, and will hold every day here close to my heart.

However, I realise that every good thing has to come to an end, and my abroad end is swiftly approaching.  Throughout the semester I’ve made a mental checklist of all of the things I am “taking” back with me when I return home.  The things that have changed me, and made me happier.

Sarah’s Return Pack List 

  • Spend more time in nature.  Hikes, walking by the beach, etc. have been moments of absolute contentedness at St Andrews.  I already made a list of local hikes I want to do at home!
  • Walk more.  Similarly speaking, in St Andrews I walk everywhere and the fresh air and added exercise has definitely given me a better state of mind.  Instead of taking a bus to a place 30 min. away, I will walk!
  • Wine and cheese nights. One of my cousins told me that the best way to get to know a place is to literally break bread and share it with people.  And she was 100% right.  The wine and cheese nights I have had at St Andrews have been so wonderful to take a moment out of my day to stop and be with the people that I care about.
  • Quality over quantity. Back at home, I constantly pressured myself to do the MOST in order to be the best.  I prided myself on being busy, on having so many friends, etc.  But I am honestly happiest when I am not that busy, only see the people I really care about, and have time to smell the roses.
  • Keep travelling! If anything, study abroad has only made the travel bug grow.  I really would love to return to the States and travel within them.  See what my own backyard has to offer.
  • Eventually come back 🙂 I am leaving a piece of my heart in Scotland. But I will come back to retrieve it.