When the Saints Go Marching In


This past weekend I was able to somewhat fulfil my craving for American sports, by attending the World’s Oldest Varsity Rugby Match at BT Murrayfield in Edinburgh.  The University of St Andrews played against the University of Edinburgh in a rivalled battle.  We ended up winning 24-12!  My high school had a good club rugby team, so I knew the general gist of the game.

It was so much fun cheering on my school and feeling the energy of the crowd.  Sports have a way of uniting people that never gets old!


I tried ginger beer for the first time at the game, and it had a flavour similar to that of beer and ginger ale.  The lasting flavour on your tongue definitely was from the ginger, and was a spicy kick.


The snack choice was a plate of nachos.  Since arriving in Scotland I have been craving Mexican and Italian food, probably because I can’t quite find anything to rival restaurants back in the States!  These nachos were basically Doritos covered in shredded cheese and toppings.  Albeit not traditional per my standards, it did the trick to satisfy my hunger cravings!


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