Bibi’s Cafe

Although I have not eaten out a lot since I arrived at St Andrews, I do have a lovely cafe that is perfect for when I want to grab a quick bite during the day.  It is called Bibi’s Cafe and it is located on North St going towards West Sands Beach.  St Andrews has only 3 main streets.  North, Market, and South.


Bibi’s is a picturesque place, with beautiful baked goods lined up front, hanging lights, and charming posters.


I have tried their scones and salads for the time being.  I can’t wait to try their breakfast and brunch options!  The fig walnut scone was delicious with a side of raspberry jam.  Perfect alongside the mint green tea I ordered.  I think a scone a day might become my special treat 🙂


The Greek Salad and Mezze Plate were also delicious.  Their feta is good, with the perfect salty bite.  And their produce is all fresh, giving me a break from some of the heavier Scottish dishes.


This past week was filled with club and society first meetings, so I have been very busy.  A couple days ago, I went to Baking Club and tried a wide variety of desserts.  The tablet was amazing, it is very similar to American penuche, just a little drier.  That is probably going to be one of my favorite sweets!

Classes officially start next week, and I am excited to start getting into a routine.  Although the past week and a half of adventure has been fun, I think it is time to settle into real life at St Andrews!


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