Until We Meet A(gin)

Sweet Olympia has flown across the Atlantic and is there to stay for the fall semester!  I am currently finishing up orientation in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, and then will be making my way to the University of St Andrews (pronounced Sn’ Andrews).


I am hoping to keep a general record of everything I eat and drink while abroad, and am so excited for all of my future endeavors. IMG_5398.jpg

I have already fallen in love with Edinburgh.  It seems as if every street is filled with old stone buildings, and some of the sites actually date back to the 11th century!  The castle is at the center of town and sits up majestically on a hill.  While exploring the city, the castle serves as a North Star almost because you can look up to see where you are in relation to your home.


We have been eating mostly in our hotel, but I have already tried a few bites of Haggis, a traditional Scottish meal, composed of a variety of guts.  It was surprisingly good, albeit very rich.  I am not sure if I could stomach a whole plate!

Through a pub crawl, and explorations, I have tried my fair share of Scottish drinks.  Innes and Gunn is a great beer, and Hendrick’s Gin is my go to drink!

I’m so excited to see what else comes my way and hope everything is swell on the other side of the ocean!




3 thoughts on “Until We Meet A(gin)

  1. Catherine Shell says:

    Best of luck to you! What an adventure. I am looking forward to living vicariously through you in the coming months. And, yes, Hendrick’s is the yummiest! So smooth. Cheers!

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