Run, Sarah, Run: Peace Edition


When people first think of the word peace, images of worldly topics such as ending war, religion, and other justice related issues come to mind.  When peace takes on this association it seems impossible.  How can we find peace in a world where so many suffer, the hustle and bustle of life consumes us, and and everything in our mind is exaggerated to be of great importance.  In this context, peace is a relationship between groups of people, where there is no violence or conflict.  I think over this year, I’ve been leaning towards a different definition of peace, which is more individualistic in nature and obtainable.

Peace is first defined in the dictionary as “freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility,” which is a definition I can relate much more to.

Peace has come to be the moments in life where I am able to detach myself from worries surrounding my families members’ health,  stressing out about the open-endedness of my future, and my own self criticisms.

Peace is when I am taking a long run down Comm. Ave.  When the run is no longer judged on how long it took or how many miles I went, but merely just so I can lose myself in the sound of my breath, feet, and wind moving past me.

Peace is when I wake up early and the sun is barely rising over the Heights, and I walk down to the Plex to go to sunrise yoga where I move in solitude next to several others.

Peace is when I take a meandering walk along the beach with no real purpose or aim besides taking in my surroundings and appreciating the beauty of nature before me.

Peace is when I hammered shingles on top of a roof over spring break, alongside one of my participants, not talking, but methodically moving together, losing ourselves in our work.

Peace is when I bake my family brownies from a tried and true recipe that I have memorized, which allows me to glide from one step to the next without thinking.

These moments of peace are what ground and save me in life.  These moments are what remind me to keep going and to keep bettering my self no matter what life throws at me.  Perhaps if people focused on these little moments of peace, and incorporated more of them into their lives, overtime the amount of peace in the world too would also be greater.  In no shape or form is this the ultimate way to create world peace, but I think we have to first start by finding the peace within ourselves before we can try and spread it to others.


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