Don’t Be Blue: Food Edition

Pizza.  A hot, cheesy, saturated, carbo loaded, all American meal.  An easy crowd pleaser, it shows up at birthday parties, casual gatherings, meetings, and early mornings after a night out.  While I am all in support of a $5 cheese pie at Comellas, we are here today to talk about the finer things in life: Pizza with prosciutto, fig, and blue cheese to be exact.

Over the past several months I have sampled three varieties of this pizza to show you its whereabouts in Boston because it is one of my favorite combinations.  We will take a look at Locale in the North End, Figs in Beacon Hill, and Teatro in the Theatre District.



Out of all three restaurants this was my favorite.  The pizza was called Parma Due and had Prosciutto, Arugula, Mission Figs, and Gorgonzola.  The crust was thick enough to support all of the ingredients, while still being thin enough to keep a good dough to topping ratio.  None of the ingredients overpowered each other, while allowed the flavor combinations to meld well.  The prosciutto had a salty bite, the blue cheese added a funky rich note, the figs a sweet punch, and the arugula brought freshness to the dish.  However, what really set this pizza apart was the bottle of balsamic glaze the waitress brought to the table to drizzle on top.  Reduced balsamic vinegar brings a deeply sweet, slightly acidic flavor, which balanced the rich blue cheese very well.



Pardon me for the less than stellar picture quality, but the lighting in Figs made it difficult, and I remember being very hungry, so my patience was not at its highest level.  Figs had a much thinner crust than Locale, and the fig and blue cheese were almost combined together like a spread before the pizza was baked off.  This pizza did not have any balsamic reduction to top it off, but the flavor profiles of the prosciutto, blue cheese, and fig were spot on.  Fig’s atmosphere was also the best out of all three restaurants.  Located on Charles St. our party was seated looking outside of a beautiful window, greeted with old brick buildings, Christmas lights, and people passing by.  Figs’ small size creates a very romantic and intimate feel, but also makes it hard to get a table, so make sure that you get there early.



Lastly comes Teatro’s pizza, but don’t get me wrong it was still a stellar pie!  The presentation of this pizza was probably my favorite, and when it came to the table it really looked like a work of art.  The reason this was my lowest ranking was because the blue cheese flavor was not that strong and was lost among the salty prosciutto and sticky fig jam.  The blue cheese was actually labeled Gorgonzola Crema on the menu, which may explain the diluted flavor since it was transformed into more of a sauce.  As a side note you must order the parmesan truffle fries at Teatro.  To die for.

I hope you try all of these wonderful spots in Boston and let me know where your favorite pizza places are!


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