The Little Things: Karma Edition

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Last night I went to Buddhism Club for the first time.  I was intrigued because I love meditation at the end of yoga, have learned snippets about Buddhism through theology classes, and have a couple of friends involved in the club.  We started off with a 30 minute meditation centered around feeling our bodies, breath, and releasing the negative energy or tension built up inside us.  Then our facilitator led a discussion about Karma.  He asked us what Karma was and many of our interpretations came from pop culture.  We phrased it as the law that will “bite you in the butt” if you don’t do “good” things.  But in Buddhism, Karma has a much deeper meaning than this.  Karma literally translates into action driven by intention.  These actions are physical actions you take, but also mental actions, such as thoughts or judgments.  Any action you take will lead to good or bad results, also known as karmic fruit.  The takeaway I got from the discussion, is that every single intention you have, has the possibility to make a positive or negative difference in your future or the world has a whole.  Every door you hold open, every friendly smile you give to a passerby,  will add more “good” karmic fruit to the world.  This is such a wonderful idea because it demonstrates the amount of power we have as humans to make the world a better place.  I think it also gives us added responsibility, since we need to think more about our intentions before we take action.  We are responsible for the type of karmic fruit we bring into the world, so by paying more attention to the ways in which we do this, we can focus on giving more positive energy than negative.  We ended the night by setting goals on how we are going have better intentions this week.  Think about ways you can send love to your parents, kindness to your friends, or even respect to yourself, so there is more good karmic fruit out there!  Lastly as a side note, by creating positive karmic fruit, this does not in turn help you in any way.  Karma is not about doing good so you are rewarded.  It is about doing good because it is good.



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