Bottega Fiorentina

Bottega Fiorentina is a Florentine dining experience located in Coolidge Corner, just a short walk away from the C Line.  It serves a large number of pasta dishes, sandwiches,  fresh ingredients by the pound, imported grocery items, such as cookies, chocolates, drinks, desserts, and espresso and cappuccino.

Bottega Fiorentina sits on a small corner and when you walk inside, you are greeted with a picnic table, hanging lights, Italian related posters, and delicious smells, as if you were dining at a cafe in Italy.


Everyday there are featured specials, and the menu is so extensive that anyone would be able to find something worth ordering.  I opted for the spinach gnudi topped with pesto.  Gnudi looks like gnocchi, but instead of having a potato base, its base is ricotta cheese.  Gnudi translates to nude because gnudi is “nude ravioli” since it does not have the outside layer of pasta dough, it just has the ricotta filling.

The pesto was very fresh and light compared to the oil ladened versions you find in the freezer section of your supermarket.  The gnudi were soft and pillow like, and were not overworked at all.  Bottega’s pastas are all reasonably priced, which makes this the perfect place for a college student on a budget.

The staff are very friendly and mandate a “pay once you have eaten policy,” trusting their customers to enjoy their meal and be loyal.  The only caveat to Bottega is that there is no bathroom for customers, since it is mostly a takeout place.



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