Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 9.12.09 PMThis small bagel bakeshop in Cambridge churns out delectable bagels that blow all local competitors right out of the water.  What started out as a weekly pop up at Cutty’s, turned into its own establishment, which speaks well of the product and hard work of the owner, Mary Hyatt.  The bakeshop is open only until the bagels sell out, so I suggest going on the earlier side.

The bagels have a slight crackle on the outside that gives way to a chewy soft interior.  I choose the sea salt bagel, as advised by my older cousin, but then went a step further and ordered it as an eggspanola sandwich.  This added an over-medium egg, Maplebrook feta, pimenton aioli, parsley gremolata, and avocado to my bagel. The slight heat from the aioli was balanced by the creamy avocado, the feta added a nice briny note, and the sea salt from the bagel added crunch.  If I could start every morning with this sandwich I would!

I have yet to go back, but really want to try their cinnamon raisin as a “t-rex” sandwich, which has bacon, banana, honey, and house made almond butter… Sounds to die for.

Definitely check out Bagelsaurus and grab a few extra bagels to go for later in the week.






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