3 Layer Cookies

One of my friends has a food blog, We Like Two Cook, and she always raves about her Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.  It is from The Best New Recipe Cookbook and I kid you not, it is amazing.  By melting the butter the cookies are denser and less cakey.  Exactly how I like them.  The key is not to over bake, so the cookies are soft and slightly gooey in the middle, with a crunchy browned outer edge.  I first tried them with white chocolate chips and dried blueberries, which were fantastic.  Here is that recipe.  Then I tried them with just semi-sweet chocolate chips.  And lastly, I made this version, a take off of seven layer bars.  7 Layer Bars are one of my favorite desserts to bake.  Coconut, chocolate, butterscotch, graham crackers, and sweetened condensed milk are the dominate flavors, and combine to form a gooey sweet mess.  Since I only incorporated the butterscotch, coconut, and semi sweet chocolate into the cookies, next time, I think I will try adding in crushed graham crackers, white chocolate chips, and maybe even a little bit of sweetened condensed milk.

photo 7

Servings: Makes about 24 large cookies

2 cups plus 2 tbsp. all-purpose flour
½ tsp. baking soda
½ tsp. salt
12 tbsp. unsalted butter, melted and cooled until warm
1 cup brown sugar, packed
½ cup granulated sugar
1 large egg plus 1 egg yolk
2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 package semi-sweet chocolate chips
1/3 cup shredded sweetened coconut
1/3 cup butterscotch chips

1. Preheat your oven to 325°F.  Whisk the dry ingredients in a medium bowl with a fork.

2. Mix the butter and sugar with a wooden spoon until well combined.  Add the egg, yolk, and vanilla.  Slowly add the dry ingredients.  Add in the chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and coconut.

3. Line your cookie sheets with parchment paper.  Roll the dough into 1/3 cup balls.  Leave room between each because they will spread out.  Bake for around 12 minutes.  Remember not to over bake.  The cookies should have a golden brown color, with soft centers and firmer edges.  Before you place the cookies on a rack make sure they cool because they are delicate when warm.

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