Max Brenner

One of my best friends tried Max Brenner back in December and loved it, so we organized a pre-Valentine’s Day party to celebrate our true loves… chocolate!  As you walk in the restaurant, red and pink lights sparkle, and the perfume of chocolate wafts up to greet you.  It was really busy when we went at 9PM on Friday and you can make reservations if you have a big group.

photo 6

We went for dessert, although they also serve dinner.  The menu was full with crepes, ice cream, cake, and drinks.  I ordered The Euphoria Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge Sundae.

photo 5

The name caught my eye right off of the bat.  The sundae had chocolate and dulce de leche ice cream, bananas, peanuts, hazelnuts, chocolate chunks, whipped cream, peanut butter sauce, and milk chocolate ganache.  It cost $14 not including the tip.  The dessert was beautifully presented and huge!  The flavors all sort of melded into each other and I think Max Brenner is more about the experience than the quality of its desserts.  Nevertheless, it was such a fun night, and everyone oohed and ahhed over the beauty of the plates.  Max Brenner is a great place to get dressed up and go with your girlfriends.  However, I know there are a ton of places in Boston where you would spend less and get just as good, or even better tasting desserts!  You are paying mostly for their decor, presentation, and experience.


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