Tatte Bakery

I finally made it over to Tatte Bakery on Washington St. and was so pleased with the results.  Tzurit Or is Tatte’s founder and she started off selling her goods at farmer’s markets.  She expanded into her first bakery in 2007-2008 and has been serving customers ever since.  She now has five locations around and in Boston and serves sweet and savory creations.  Known for blending between traditional European pastries and her Middle Eastern roots, Tatte has unique pastries you will not find elsewhere.

photo 3

Selection of breakfast goodies

photo 5

Selection of cakes and tarts and cookies

I opted for their pistachio croissant as I am a huge fan of the almond variety.  As stated before, Tatte does a wonderful mix between European and Middle Eastern sweets, and this was no exception.  The pistachio croissant was prepared similarly to an almond croissant.  Croissants are sliced open, dipped in syrup, and slathered with a nutty spread (traditionally frangipane), and then baked again.  However, this croissant tasted like a hybrid between an almond croissant and baklava with the substitution for pistachios instead of almonds.  The croissant was perfectly buttery, and the syrup soaked into the base making it delightfully sweet.  The pistachios were a nice change of pace and were still somewhat crunchy instead of being ground into a smooth paste.  Tatte also had some beautiful nut tarts that looked great and will be the next items I try.

photo 3


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