Gustazo Cuban Restaurant Cafe

As my friend was preparing to ship back to St. Louis we decided to have dinner together one last time before March break.  I researched new places we could try and decided on Gustazo Cuban Restaurant and Cafe.  The menu caught my eye because it was filled with tapas reminiscent of our days in Spain.  The cafe is beautifully decorated and has a fun atmosphere.  Diners are encouraged to order multiple tapas to share with their companions or they can opt for one of the larger plates.

photo 1

I started with the guacamole served with fried plantain chips.  The guacamole was nice and zesty from the lime and had roasted peppers, red onion, pineapple, cilantro and sunflower seeds mixed in.  I then had the tortilla espanola, one of my favorite dishes from Spain, which is a potato and onion frittata of some sorts.

photo 3

Although I can’t say it was as good as in Spain it did the job, and was served on top of sour cream and cherry tomatoes.  Lastly, my favorite part of the meal, was dessert.  I ordered the churros and a cafe con leche.  I had a cafe con leche every morning at breakfast in Spain, which is coffee with scalded milk on top.
photo 4

This was very good and paired well with the sweet churros.  The churros were wonderfully crispy, and coated in sugar.  They were served alongside a thick chocolate sauce with a light sprinkling of red pepper flakes to add a little kick.  They were fantastic and I resorted to eating some of the chocolate with a spoon after I finished the churros…  Gustazo has so many great options you’ll be sure to find something you will like!

photo 5


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