Well ladies and gents, it looks like I have found another one of my favorite dishes in Boston.  I am blissfully sitting in a food coma after I went to the MET Bar in Back Bay.  What started out as a fun get together with my sister and a couple of our dear friends turned into a meal that I MUST repeat before I head back to college.  Before I went to the restaurant I researched and saw the burger looked superb.  However, upon arriving I noticed an item under the Ham and Cheese selection.  It was a Croque Madame served alongside truffle fries.  After deliberation I decided to try it and it was amazing!!!!

photo 1

Thickly cut bread slathered with béchamel sauce, layered with ham and salty gruyere cheese, and then topped off with a fried egg.  It was heaven on a plate.  Not to mention the truffle fries, which were extremely addictive on their own.  My companions ordered the avocado toast, Green Guru salad, and the burger, which all looked fantastic.  Afterwards we ordered a couple of the brownie sundaes, which were brownies topped with chocolate ice cream filled with brownie batter pieces, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and a cherry on top.  I was quite a happy camper if you could not tell.  The restaurant is located on Newbury St and was tastefully decorated inside with pretty holiday lights hanging from the windows.  I will be back again and again for the Croque Madam, and suggest you do the same!

photo 2


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