Ben and Jerry’s

I know Ben and Jerry’s is widely known for their hip ice cream flavors so forgive me if this is a cop-out post.  However, I am commenting on a new flavor, Hazed and Confused, if that helps me in any way.  What started out as a cold winter night walking along Newbury St., attempting to get away from finals, turned into an even colder night after I devoured a very large ice cream cone.  (Pardon my non model-esque hand.  I was not prepared for a photo-shoot!)

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Hazed and Confused is one of Ben and Jerry’s new “Core” ice creams in which two bases are fused together with a molten core.  In this particular instance, chocolate chocolate chip and hazelnut ice cream are swirled together with chocolate hazelnut fudge.  Can anyone say Nutella?  I proceeded to order two scoops of this on a beautiful rainbow sprinkled cone and added on more rainbow sprinkles for a final festive touch.  The price tag reached a hefty sum of $7… But I think I just got too carried away!  The ice cream was delicious and the hazelnut base balanced the rich chocolate notes nicely.  I expected the chocolate hazelnut core to be synonymous to Nutella, however, it was thicker and fudgier than expected.  Almost like a hybrid between Nutella and brownie batter.  The Newbury St. shop itself is quite quaint, tucked away under other shops and eateries, and filled with the traditional artsy Ben and Jerry’s decor.  Well played yet again Ben and Jerry.

photo 1




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