I have a golden gem for you.  Tucked away on Union St., right next to Fanueil Hall, lies a small restaurant named Saus.  Very easy to miss, it holds no more than 30 people at one time, and yet, people still flood through the doors hoping to obtain some of the best eats I have had in a while.  Founded by three local college grads who lost their jobs during the recession, it serves as a wonderful late night eatery for Boston foodies.  Basing their menu off of Dutch/Belgian street food, Saus offers delicious french fries, waffles, friks, and beer.  After asking the vendor, Chris, what the most popular dishes were, I settled for a regular sized poutine and Liege waffle topped with Biscoff cookie spread.  It amounted to around $11, but trust me when I say it was worth every penny and then some.  Chris was extremely polite and friendly, even though I was with a group of 10 girls, taking up most of the small eatery.  After recommending the Biscoff cookie spread to top my waffle, he proceeded to give the whole group samples to see if it was as wonderful as he described.

photo 3

photo 4

Now, onto the food.  The poutine was a base of hand cut french fries perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper, topped with decadent creamy gravy, and buttery cheese curds.  The waffle was studded with pearl sugar, crispy on the edges, and the Biscoff cookie spread was draped over its ridges, adding a sweet graham flavor.  The whole group was amazed and delighted with the meal.  Others ordered mushrooms, fried eggs, and pork belly on top of the poutine.  Some had waffles topped with a tart berry sauce.  And some ordered normal french fries without the poutine, but served with fancy dipping sauces, like bacon parmesan.  Everything was well received and as we ate, more and more people kept coming in.  Grabbing takeout since all of the chairs were taken inside.

photo 5

photo 6

Although my group was very lucky, I would suggest going with a smaller number of people to guarantee seating.  They are open until 2 AM every Friday and Saturday, so it makes a wonderful late night destination.  Run don’t walk to Saus.  This is one of the best places I have been to in a long time.


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