One of my favorite places for a quick lunch in Boston is SweetGreen, located on Boylston St.  The chain was started by Georgetown alums  and has recently added Massachusetts locations.  The chain is basically the equivalent of a Chipotle, but they have a salad bar instead of a burrito bar.

photo 1


They offer an array of fresh produce and many different salad combinations.  You can choose one of their salads off of a menu or construct your own.  Every season they also highlight specials that are different from their standard offerings.  I always order the kale caesar and have added sweet potato or squash as an extra ingredient.  It comes to a total of $8.50 as a pretty big portion and you are given a slice of bread on the side.  The caesar starts off with kale for greens, sliced cherry tomatoes, shaved parmesan, and the star of the show… parmesan crisps.  They are parmesan frito, which is cheese broiled until it forms a cracker like texture, and they add a nice salty bite and crunch to the salad.  One of my friends is obsessed with the parmesan crisps and rightfully claims they make the salad!

sweetgreens salad


I recommend trying everything because all of the salads are delicious, even if I find it hard to stray from my kale caesar 🙂 Also, if there is a long line don’t fret because the workers move quickly and it never takes long.  Definitely try Sweet Greens for their hip atmosphere and fresh tasty salads!



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