White Mountain Creamery

Across from the beautiful Boston College Campus lies a small ice cream store, White Mountain Creamery.  Open until 12 AM it serves as a late night eatery for many college students, myself included.  They make their ice cream in house and the owner has a wonderful presence by cheerfully greeting his customers.  Every day they have a list of traditional flavors and then a list of specials.  As a regular, I have to suggest the hot fudge.  White Mountain’s does not congeal when it hits the cold ice cream.  Instead it maintains a smooth consistency and it is amazing!!!


Yesterday I decided to treat myself and ordered a small sundae.  Pumpkin ice cream topped with hot fudge, peanut butter topping (which was delicious as well), and peanut butter cups.  Don’t question the combination it works.  The pumpkin is a seasonal flavor so make sure to try it soon!  The peanut butter topping was not cloyingly thick and was not too sweet either, so it worked well with the hot fudge.  And alas, the peanut butter cups.  White Mountain cuts Reese’s into quarters providing massive pieces for the biggest chocolate peanut butter fans; I’m included in this round up of course!  This all came to a grand total of $6.30 BUT it was worth it and if you don’t go as crazy as me your ice cream will cost much less.  Definitely head over to White Mountain, no matter if it is cold outside, the hot fudge and peanut butter will warm you up.



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