Rococo Artisan Ice Cream

Last weekend I read an article that dubbed Rococo Artisan Ice Cream sixth in the United States and decided I had to try it out for myself.  Rococo is located in Kennebunkport, right next to Wicked Tails, and is in a small space with a couple of benches out front.  When I walked in the workers were all smiles and friendly offered up tastes of the ice creams.

photo-72 copy 3


photo-72 copy 2


The glass cases present the ice cream almost as if they were gelato, and the flavors strayed far from the traditional chocolate and vanilla.  After much debate, I selected the salty sweet creme and nutella cranberry.  My sister went with the horchata rum cake and dark chocolate.  The ice cream was so smooth and creamy, and when it melted the consistency was just like soft serve.  My favorite flavors were the salty sweet cream, which almost had a salted caramel flavor, and the rum cake, although next time I am going to have to try the whoopie pie!   The average price of a cone is around five dollars, but the quality of the ice cream speaks for itself.  If you find yourself in an ice cream rut and want to expand your dessert palate definitely head over to Rococo.  I’d suggest going earlier rather than later because it is such a small building, enjoy!

UPDATE: I tried the Maine Whoopie Pie flavor… and it was amazing!!! The best scoop of ice cream I have had in a long time. 



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