Wicked Tails

Today I had an early dinner before work and tested the new takeout restaurant in Kennebunkport, Wicked Tails.  This small place has been open for three weeks, and has a bigger sister in Cape Porpoise named The Wayfarer.  Both establishments have delicious food and very friendly staff!

photo-5 copy 3

I asked the girl working here whether I should go with the lobster roll or lobster poutine and she recommended the latter so I took her word.  The french fries were cooked perfectly and had a lot of salt, which is a good thing in my book.  Cheese curds and lobster gravy (aka lobster bisque) topped the fries along with a few pieces of lobster claw meat.  Was it decadent? Yes.  But I would go back in a heartbeat.

photo-5 copy 5

The poutine cost around twelve dollars.  My sister enjoyed her meal as well and went with the sliders and Old Bay seasoned fries.  It cost eleven dollars.  The server was even kind enough to put Old Bay on top of my poutine when she heard me remark how much I like the flavor.

photo-5 copy 4

I would definitely recommend Wicked Tails for its quick service, prime location, kind staff, and delicious food!

photo-5 copy 2




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