Flower Bouquet


I made this “bouquet” for my mom on mother’s day. It looks quite complicated, but it’s actually pretty simple. All you need is a variety of fruit and some flower shaped and circular cookie cutters.


Thin wooden skewers

cookie cutters (Flower and circle shapes)

Lots of fruits (I used kiwi, apples, mango, and banana – but you can really use any fruit. It works best when you use some large fruits (ie. apples) and small fruits (ie. kiwis) so that you can have a variety of flower sizes)

1 grapefruit (for the base of the bouquet)

Lemon/ lemon juice

Raisins and dried cranberries


Cut the Grapefruit in half and place one half, face down on a plate. You will stick the skewers into this. You can wrap up the other half, as you will not need it.

Cut your fruit into slices (1/2 – 1cm thick). Use the cookie cutters to cut out a variety of shapes.

Take a skewer and put 3 raisins on it. Move the raisins so that they are about 1 inch away from one end of the skewer. The raisins will stop the fruit from slipping down.

Then, on top of the raisins, stack about 2-3 slices of fruit to make the fruit “flower”. Put the larger slices on the bottom, closer to the raisins.

Then at the very top add a raisin or dried cranberry to hide the tip of the skewer.

If your flower contains fruits that browns, squeeze some lemon juice on top of it. (the lemon prevents the browning).

Stick the skewer with your finished flower into the grapefruit.

Keep assembling flowers until you have made as many as you want!




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