Restaurante Botin

One of my favorite meals on the trip was at Botin, one of the oldest restaurants in Europe.  Nestled on a side street near the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Botin is a beautiful gem, and first opened in 1725.  We actually went on Easter and had a wonderful three course meal in the middle of the day.  For the main course we ate the specialty, roasted suckling pig, and let me tell you… it was to die for.  Literally I think it was the best pork I have ever had.  After scouring the website I actually found the recipe for the meal!  However, I find it hard to believe the recipe will do the meal complete justice because at Botin they use the same wood burning oven that has been there since 1725!

photo 1-10

photo 2-11


If you ever find yourself in Madrid I would recommend this restaurant as much as any museum.  The ambiance, food, and history make it as special as any other destination.


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