While in Spain, tapas were definitely a prevalent aspect of the food scene.  Tapas are basically small plates of food, ranging from jamon (ham), cheese, seafood, bread, etc.  I really enjoyed tapas because you can order many different types with a large group and then you can sample everything!  Croquetas were definitely one of my favorites.  Made up of bechamel and either jamon, chicken, or seafood, they were basically fried pillows of joy. A crunchy exterior and creamy soft inside meant that I was instantly hooked and I think I ate them in all the cities I traveled too.


Be warned my photography does not do croquetas justice and I hastily snagged this picture before digging in for lunch.  I was very hungry…  This particular meal was when I was traveling from Madrid to Zaragoza.  Here is a recipe for you all to try!



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