Crema Catalana

Hi everyone!! Sorry for the lack of posts… Sarah and I have just returned from Spain.  Not only was it a beautiful country, but the cuisine was delicious and we learned a lot about spanish culture.  These next couple of posts will feature some of the dishes we ate and links to recipes you can use!  I also will cook some of them myself in the near future to try and reminisce the wonderful trip 🙂


This first picture is a dessert we ate the last night in Barcelona.  Very similar to the classic french Creme Brulee it is called Crema Catalana.  The base is a creamy custard with a caramelized burnt sugar topping.  The restaurant served it with a crunchy wafer cookie and it was a delightful end to the meal.  Here is a link to make your own!

To talk more about the trip, Barcelona was our last destination.  It is located on the water and the beach is gorgeous at this time of year.  Since Barcelona is located in the north-eastern part of Spain, they speak Catalan which is a different romance language than Spanish (hence the name of this dessert).  However, not to be swayed, Spanish is completely understood and most of the city dwellers are bilingual.  In Barcelona we visited La Sagrada Familia, La Rambla, Guell Park, and some of the old Olympic venues.  It was a charming city and the warm weather definitely made me fall in love all the more!  Stay tuned for more of our adventure.



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