Quebrada Bakery

Hold with me people.  I know this is another almond croissant post BUT I am trying to find the best one in the general Boston area.  Something about this sweet elegant pastry always makes me happy in the morning when I eat it and I would like to find the best of the best!


This one is from Quebrada Bakery and I went to the Belmont location.  The croissant was very light and delicate, and the pastry was flaky.  Only the corners bore a real crunch, and it was a much softer version than Swiss Bakers.  The almond pastry cream was delicious.  Sugary, creamy, and buttery.  Everything was sprinkled with confectioners sugar and almonds to make the presentation pretty.  Quebrada also has locations in Arlington and Wellesley.  As a side note, I particularly enjoy their ham and cheese croissants when I am feeling a more savory craving.  They keep those croissants in a warmer which keeps the cheese gooey.  So here is to croissants because butter makes the world a better place!



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