Otto Pizza

Alright, big declaration ahead.  Otto is one of my favorite pizzerias I have ever been to.  They use creative, wholesome ingredients and I can always count on their consistency.  I especially love their Otto four cheese and three cheese tortellini slices. They started out in Portland, ME and have branched out with 4 locations around Boston.  I first tried Otto in the Harvard Square location and have been hooked ever since.  Although the pizza is more expensive than most, it is a great way to treat yourself every now and then.  You can order take-out (which is what I usually do) or eat at one of their locations.  I most recently had their tortellini pizza (see below) and it was everything I expected.  The sweetness from the tomato sauce paired with a thin, yet substantial crust completely highlighted the savory tortellini and fresh cheese.  Enjoy!



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