Roasted Garlic Mayo

Today I bring you a condiment so easy to make, and yet, packed with huge flavor.  This spread really makes the sandwich, no matter what type you choose to slather it on.  It adds a little va-va-voom to make your day more special!!

roasted garlic 3

Roasted Garlic Mayo (serving size is up to you)


Olive Oil

Mayo (I know…  I took a shortcut and did not make my own.  But it still tastes delicious!)

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Trim off the tops of the garlic.  Place on tinfoil and drizzle with olive oil.

roasted garlic

Place on a tray and bake until the garlic gets soft and brown in color.  Around 1-2 hours.  roasted garlic 2

When the garlic comes out of the oven, the skin can easily be peeled away and discarded.  Then using a knife, scrape the garlic on a cutting board, so that it almost looks like a paste.  Place the mayo and garlic into a bowl and mix thoroughly.  The amount of mayo and garlic you use is based on your preference.  My family prefers a greater proportion of garlic to mayo.  But it is completely subjective.  I find this mayo particularly delicious on BLT sandwiches!

roasted garlic 4


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