Swiss Bakers

Sunday mornings are one of my favorite times of the week.  After sleeping in past my normal alarm clock routine, I usually sit down and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and a pastry.  This week after viewing an episode on Chronicle, I tried Swiss Bakers located in Allston.


My family bought an assortment of goods and I selected one of my go-to items, an almond croissant.


What I really liked about the almond croissant was its balanced texture.  Often times the croissant dough is not crunchy enough to balance the smooth interior of the almond paste.  But at Swiss Bakers, the outside has a caramelized  resistance that pairs well with the almond frangipane.  The top of the pastry was slightly glazed and sprinkled with almonds.  Adding a glossy shine to the finished product.  The almond paste was not cloyingly sweet and was decadently creamy.  It was an ideal treat to go along with my nice cup of black coffee.  Next time I think I will try one of their more popular items like the Berliners or Choco Weggli!



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